Need Furnace and Air Conditioner Service in Whitefish Bay? Call RJ Heating

Wisconsin seasons are as unpredictable as they are intense—from frigid winters to humid summers. At RJ Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand this temperature swing better than anybody. That’s why Whitefish Bay homeowners depend on us when they need furnace and air conditioner service.

No Mark Up on Parts or Filters

Our Furnace and Boiler Repair Is Second to None in Whitefish Bay

When Whitefish Bay residents need furnace repair, they know to call the professionals at RJ Heating. We have decades of experience in the heating and cooling industry, and we put that knowledge to use during every service call—our expertise shows in our work. We work quickly and efficiently to:

  • Locate the source of the problem
  • Explain what went wrong
  • Make a reliable repair

If a repair isn’t safe or budget-friendly, we also specialize in new furnace and boiler installation—we take care of the entire process, from sizing your home for a replacement to laying out options that fit your house size and budget. Need regular heating system maintenance? We’re your go-to business for that, too.

Air Conditioner Service and Installation That Keeps Whitefish Bay Cool

RJ Heating’s team excels at keeping your Whitefish Bay home comfortable all year long—especially when summertime’s hot temperatures strike. We understand that not all homes are built the same. Some use central A/C while others were built without any ductwork. Our team can keep any of these homes cool.

When you need a new air conditioner installation, we start by sizing your home—which enables us to find an A/C unit that will cycle and cool your home properly. Then we work our installation magic, whether it’s a standard air conditioner or a ductless system. Need air conditioner repair or maintenance? We handle that, too. Our team is trained to detect problems quickly and fix them just as fast. Our routine maintenance helps us catch issues early, too, which can lead to a longer-lasting and more energy-efficient cooling system.

Your Comfort Comes First With Our Membership Program

During every service call, our priority is your comfort. That’s why we offer our Comfort First Membership Program. Members save big on installations and get priority scheduling over non-members. There are no hidden fees, either—just exceptional service. Comfort First members end up saving an estimated 25 percent on service costs over their system’s lifetime.

For Expert Heating and Cooling Service in Whitefish Bay, Call RJ Heating Today

You don’t want to be uncomfortable in your own home. We don’t want you to be, either. From HVAC service to indoor air quality products, let RJ Heating help you maintain your home comfort. Call us today at 414-463-1140 or contact us online.