UV lights in your ductwork can kill the bad bacteria in your air

Beat Mold and Mildew With UV Lights in Your HVAC Systems

There’s a lot more circulating through your home than air. Beyond normal dirt and dander, bacteria and other germs travel through your HVAC system and spread to every room in your house, affecting both operational efficiency and your family’s health. The good news? UV lights from RJ Heating and Air Conditioning can help improve your indoor air quality by eliminating those microorganisms. Learn more below and call us at 414-463-1140 to discuss installation.

How Do UV Lights Work?

Ultraviolet lights placed in your HVAC’s ducts prevent microbial buildup in your cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces. It may not sound like much, but this simple and quiet process can help your heating and cooling system with:

  • Improved airflow
  • Lower maintenance
  • Better overall efficiency

When bacteria and viruses are exposed to UV, it can destroy their DNA and keep them from reproducing. So, it only makes sense to position these lights where germs and bacteria thrive—in the dark, damp corners of your HVAC system. As the air travels through your ductwork and past installed UV lights, virtually all bacteria are sterilized at the point of contact, resulting in:

  • Cleaner, germ-free surfaces
  • Decreased spread of bacteria
  • Better quality air

UV Lights Are the Safe, Proven Way to Kill HVAC Germs

RJ Heating offers UV lights that can be installed in virtually any ductwork system. Together we can attack bacteria in your HVAC system at its source and provide a safer environment. Call us at 414-463-1140 for a free, no-obligation estimate or contact us online today.