RJ Heating Answers Questions About Your Common Furnace Problems

Having issues with your furnace? Here are a few questions we receive about common furnace problems at RJ Heating and Air Conditioning. Read our free, professional advice below if you’re experiencing an issue. If it doesn’t fix the problem, call us at 414-463-1140 and we’ll send a technician to your home right away to diagnose your system and suggest the correct furnace repair if needed.

1. My heat went out—what should I do?

Go through this troubleshooting checklist if your furnace turns on but there’s no heat—or if it doesn’t turn on at all:

  • Check your power. Even a gas furnace needs electricity to run the blower motor, so make sure it’s not just a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Check the thermostat, making sure it’s on “heat” and not “cool.” Also make sure the fan is set to “auto” and not “on.” If you have newer controls, there may be onscreen information about the problem—if the screen is blank, you might just need new batteries.
  • Change the filter. If the filter is dirty, it can block airflow and cause a shutdown.
  • Check the outside vent. If your furnace can’t vent properly, it will stop running. Remove any leaves or snow covering the exhaust pipe and see if heat returns.

If you still don’t have heat, call us for service. We provide emergency service around the clock to protect you and your home from the cold.

2. My home always feels cold. Do I need a bigger furnace?

You might think your home needs a bigger furnace to warm it up, but that’s not necessarily the case. A furnace that’s too large won’t cycle properly and can actually lead to inconsistent heating and high energy bills. You may just need maintenance or repair to get your current system up to speed. Other options to even out your home comfort include zoning and ductless split systems.

3. Can I save money by closing vents in rooms I don’t use?

While it seems like it makes sense, closing vents actually puts extra pressure on your duct system, which makes your furnace work harder and less efficiently. You’ll save money and reduce the strain on your system by keeping all vents open for optimal airflow.

4. How often should I change my air filter?

Change your standard air filter every one to three months to maintain high furnace efficiency and performance. Media cartridges or high-efficiency filters only need to be replaced once or twice a year. You might need more frequent changes if you smoke, have pets, or there are construction projects in or around your home.

5. Does a clean air filter mean my air is clean?

While your air filter does prevent dust and debris from infiltrating your system, it doesn’t actually clean the air that blows through your home. If you really want to improve your indoor air quality, RJ Heating can install air purifiers that trap dust, germs, and bacteria, removing them from your indoor air.

6. How long should my furnace last?

The average furnace lasts between 15 and 20 years, but it can vary depending on use and other factors. Annual maintenance can add years of service. If your furnace is more than 12 years old and you notice issues like increased energy bills, more frequent repairs, or overall system inefficiency, it’s time to call RJ Heating. Don’t wait until your furnace completely breaks down before you take action. Ask us for a professional opinion and we’ll help you be prepared when it’s time for a new furnace installation.

Still Need More Heating Help?

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