install a ductless split system to avoid hot and cold spots in your home

3 Reasons Why You’ll Want a Ductless Split System

Every homeowner knows how annoying hot and cold spots can be in your house. At RJ Heating and Air Conditioning, we know it too—which is why we recommend installing a ductless split system in those problem areas. Learn more about these individual units below, and call us at 414-463-1140 to see how you can benefit from one.

What Is a Ductless Split System?

It’s an individual, compact heating and cooling system that offers customized comfort in any room or area that needs it.

Let’s say you have a space that is always hot, no matter how low you turn your thermostat. By installing a ductless mini split air conditioner in that area, you can deliver cool air directly to that spot so it matches the rest of the house—all without even touching your whole-home thermostat.

These units are also ideal for homes without ductwork, as you can connect up to eight internal units to the main outdoor compressor and manage your house’s overall temperature.

Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

  • Easy to install. The units themselves are simple and compact. Install them on a wall or ceiling in the area where you need extra temperature control, be it a sunroom, attic, guest room, or home addition.
  • Customized comfort. Say goodbye to uncomfortable hot and cold spots, noisy window A/Cs, and space heaters. Ductless heating and cooling systems are controlled separately from your whole-home furnace and air conditioner, so you can personalize your home comfort room-to-room.
  • Energy savings. Don’t want to use energy heating or cooling the entire house when you’re only using one room? With a ductless mini split system, you don’t have to. It provides perfect comfort wherever you want while lowering your overall monthly energy bill.

Ductless Split Systems Make Heating and Cooling a Breeze

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