Cooling FAQs: Air Conditioning Questions and Answers Every Homeowner Should Know

Air conditioning is all but standard in today’s homes, but many homeowners still have questions about it. RJ Heating and Air Conditioning is a great resource for all things cool and comfortable. Our certified technicians are sharing answers to the air conditioning questions we get asked the most—check out their answers below or call us for more information: 414-463-1140.

1. My Air Conditioning Isn’t Working—What Should I Do?

Before you call RJ Heating for a repair, check the basics—test the batteries in your thermostat, check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse, change your air filter, make sure the system is set to “cool”, and that the thermostat is set at least three degrees below current room temperature.

2. What Are Some Ways I Can Save on Cooling Costs This Summer?

Here are six easy tips for lower energy bills:

  • Set your thermostat a few degrees higher than your normally would
  • Utilize ceiling fans
  • Close your blinds and curtains on sunny days to prevent extra warmth from coming in
  • Only use your major appliances during the day
  • Install a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Schedule annual maintenance on your air conditioner

3. Do Air Conditioners Cause Summer Colds?

Not directly, though germs can thrive in a cool environment that’s not properly ventilated. A sudden, drastic change between indoor and outdoor temperatures may also trigger respiratory problems in some people. In general, the benefits of staying cool outweigh minor health risks. Let us maintain your system with a spring cleaning and fresh filter—you’ll feel more comfortable and energetic all summer.

4. Why Is My Air Conditioner Frozen?

Your air conditioner should be cool to the touch but not so cold that ice forms. If you notice frost or ice, turn off your system immediately to reduce the risk of serious damage. After it melts, replace the filter and restart the unit. If ice forms again, call RJ Heating—insufficient ductwork, buildup inside the system, a broken blower, or leaking refrigerant could be to blame.

5. Should I Cover My Air Conditioner in Winter?

Air conditioners are built to withstand the elements, so there’s no need to cover it during the winter. In fact, we see more problems caused by turning on an A/C that’s covered and unable to get air than because of the cold or snow. Covering the air conditioner will trap moisture inside of it, making the unit rust and corrode. A cover won’t keep small animals away, either. If you’re worried about keeping leaves out of the A/C, cover the top instead of the entire unit. Just be sure to schedule a spring cleaning before starting up your air conditioner for the season to help it last as long as possible.

6. I Don’t Have Central Air—What About a Window Air Conditioner?

At RJ Heating, we know that summer can be uncomfortable without air conditioning. However, we don’t recommend window units for several reasons:

  • They’re inefficient and loud
  • Window A/Cs offer limited service
  • They pose a security risk

Instead, ask us about a ductless split system. It’s a great option for custom, room-by-room cooling that fits in small spaces and requires only a small, safe, three-inch hole to connect the indoor and outdoor components.

Still have A/C questions, or want to know more about how to keep cool this summer? Call us at 414-463-1140 or use our online form to send us your question—one of our comfort specialists will reach out with answers.