Join our Comfort First Membership Program to save money on maintenance and repairs

Our Comfort First Membership Program Puts Your Well-Being Before Our Costs

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice being comfortable in your home because the cost is too high. That’s why we say, “Don’t sweat it.” With our Comfort First Membership Program, you can kick back without worrying about hidden fees or budgeting problems. This program has many wonderful benefits, including:

  • No diagnostic or service labor fees
  • Priority scheduling over non-members
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and ultimate comfort

Worry Less, Save More

As a Comfort First member, you get total peace of mind. We’ll take care of any strange noises or failing systems that rear their ugly heads. You handle the relaxing, we’ll handle the rest.

And the best part: Your cost is only $189 a year per unit, and that’s not counting any additional discounts offered with a new equipment purchase. That number means members save an estimated 25 percent on service costs over their systems’ lifespans, all while helping extend its life to 20 years or longer.

A Closer Look

RJ Heating and Air Conditioning has been putting your satisfaction first since 1976. Our Comfort First Membership does the same thing, and we have the numbers to prove it. Take a closer look at how being a Comfort First member can keep hard-earned cash in your pocket.