Technician with homeowners discussing benefits of a boiler installation

Boiler Installation That Always Puts Your Comfort First

Every home is built a little bit differently—where some use a furnace to heat up their Milwaukee-area house, others use a boiler. And nobody is better at boiler installation than the pros at RJ Heating and Air Conditioning. If you need a replacement unit for your home or are looking for a heating system for your newly constructed home, call us today at 414-463-1140.

New Boilers Offer Great Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Boilers generate heat by radiating out from your pipes, rather than blowing it through ducts like a furnace does. This method allows for more consistent temperatures, helping you feel more comfortable without cranking your thermostat.

RJ Heating takes that efficiency one step further—we measure your home to help you find the system size that best fits your unique layout. This is an important step, as a system that’s too big or small won’t cycle properly, leading to unnecessary stress on your boiler and poor comfort.

Benefits of a Water, Oil, or Gas Boiler Installation

  • More consistent temperatures
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduces indoor air pollution

Count on Our Experts for Professional Boiler Repair and Maintenance, Too

We don’t just install a system and walk away—we’re truly a full-service heating and cooling company. That means that when you need your new boiler tuned-up or repaired, RJ Heating is here to take your call. We’ll pinpoint any problem with your unit and fix it quickly and efficiently so you’re never without heat for long.

When You Need a New Boiler, RJ Heating Is the Team You Want Installing It

When it comes to replacing boiler systems, there’s no company in the Greater Milwaukee area better than RJ Heating. Our priority on every job is to keep you as comfortable as possible, and from finding the best fuel source to helping you choose the perfect-size system, our installation work does just that.

Call us today at 414-463-1140 or fill out our form online to enhance your comfort.