Technician explains to homeowners what a zoning system is and shows them how it works.

Picture this: you’re hanging out in your living room. You’re feeling too warm, but don’t want to adjust the thermostat because you don’t want to waste energy cooling the rest of your Milwaukee-area home. Instead, you use your zoning system to cool only your living room. Pretty nice, right? But what is a zoning system? The experts at RJ Heating and Air Conditioning explain below—read it over, then call us at 414-463-1140 for installation.

How Does HVAC Zoning Work?

A zoning system, or zoned HVAC, relates to customized heating and cooling in your home. Each floor or section is divided into separate zones, the temperature of which you can control individually.

To make this happen, special dampers are installed within your ductwork. These automatically open and close depending on which zone you want to use—each space has its own thermostat. The number of zones you have generally depends on the size and architecture of your home and how many areas you wish to control.

Zoning systems generally apply to larger homes with more areas of major temperature differences. The most common heating and cooling challenge is when the upstairs is noticeably warmer than the downstairs since heat rises.

Why Install Zoning in Your Home?

Enhanced Comfort

If your house has rooms with cathedral ceilings or a sunroom with large windows, it will benefit from a separately controlled zone instead of a bigger furnace or air conditioner. If you have other unoccupied rooms, for instance, you’re wasting energy by heating and cooling that area. Most homeowners with a zoning system enjoy having more customized control over their heating and cooling.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Because zoning provides maximum control over your home’s heating and cooling, it’ll do more than simply optimize your energy efficiency. It’ll also help prolong the life of your HVAC system. In fact, customers have reported lowering their energy bill by 25 percent or more.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Beyond the savings and customized temperature control, HVAC zoning systems can help with your home’s overall air quality. That’s because a zoning system helps regulate air flow to individual rooms instead of circulating problematic dander, pollen, and dust throughout your entire home. Those with allergies or respiratory challenges will find this especially helpful.

Call RJ Heating to Learn More About Zoning

If you’d like to know how to incorporate a zoning system into your existing home’s HVAC system, turn to the experts at Carrier® and RJ Heating. Call us at 414-463-1140 or contact us for a free estimate. We can install or retrofit an energy-efficient zoning system with up to four programmable zones in your Milwaukee or Ozaukee County home.