A radiant heat system is set up underneath a homeowner's wood floors.

You already know about boilers, which use warm water to distribute heat all throughout your house. Radiant heat—also known as hydronic heating—is an extension of that. The pros at RJ Heating and Air Conditioning explain everything you need to know about this convenient and energy-efficient heating alternative below. Call 414-463-1140 to see if this system is right for you.

How Does Radiant Heat Work?

Radiant heating, or underfloor heating, literally warms your home from the ground up. Residential radiant heat systems sit beneath your flooring in a series of hydronic tubing. Hot water then runs through the tubes, evaporating along the way and giving off warmth. The result is a luxurious, uniform heat across an entire section of flooring.

You can have these hidden systems installed under just about every flooring type, including wood, tile, vinyl, carpeting, ceramic, or even concrete. Most commonly, homeowners use radiant heating systems in bathrooms or kitchens where people walk around barefoot most often.

Because radiant heating comes from under the floor and not through your ducts, it also drastically reduces the air—and dust—roaming your house. Reduced circulating particles are a big air quality benefit to those with respiratory issues or allergies. Plus, these systems maintain temperatures much more efficiently, because heat is not lost traveling through ductwork.

Does Radiant Heat Have Any Disadvantages?

The drawbacks of radiant heating include the upfront installation costs, especially in retrofitting existing flooring. That’s why this system makes more sense for new construction or remodels than under existing floors.

Installation will also raise your floors. While not necessarily a disadvantage, it is something to take into account, as there may be other retrofitting needed for aesthetics and functionality.

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