Stacks of coins next to piggy bank illustrate saved heating costs.

Higher heating costs are all too common when winter hits Wisconsin. But what you may not realize is that there are many ways that you can reduce them—and by making only slight changes to your usual routine. The Carrier® experts at RJ Heating and Air Conditioning provide all the tips and services you need to enjoy efficient warmth all year. Read our best tips below, then give us a call if you have questions or would like to request service: 414-463-1140.

Tips for Lowering Heating Costs

1. Choose Home Furnishings for Warmth

Adding extra blankets, rugs, and cozy flannel sheets will do more than make your home look cozy for winter—it will keep you warm, too.

2. Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance

A regularly maintained furnace is an efficient one. Staying on top of this essential service keeps your furnace running at its best, which uses less energy.

3. Take Advantage of the Sun

Keep your curtains open during the day to let the sun naturally warm your house. At night, close them to retain that warmer air inside.

4. Replace Your Furnace Air Filter

This is a simple maintenance task you can take care of every one to three months. A clean filter allows the warm air to flow freely through your house, reducing your furnace’s stress and saving on heating costs.

5. Turn Your Thermostat Down a Couple Degrees

Turning your temperature down just a couple of degrees can make a substantial difference in reducing your heating costs. Chances are you won’t feel that much cooler with such a small reduction, but over time, the savings can add up.

6. Replace Your Furnace

We understand that furnace replacement is a big commitment. But if yours is approaching 15 to 20 years old or constantly needs attention, a new furnace could be the right choice for you. Newer models are more efficient, so even though your upfront cost is higher, you’ll save in heating costs over time.

7. Program a Thermostat Schedule

Check your thermostat to make sure you’re not overheating your house when it’s not necessary. Turn down the heat if no one’s at home during the day, or while you’re sleeping at night.

RJ Heating Can Help you Enjoy Efficiency and Comfort

RJ Heating offers all the furnace repair, maintenance, and installation services your family needs to stay warm all season. We have expertise in all the latest energy-saving technologies and know how to best incorporate them into your home. We also offer financing to help you spread out payments for your purchase. Call us for an evaluation and estimate today at 414-463-1140. You can also schedule an appointment online.