Woman in bed suffers allergies and illness with tissues because of indoor air pollution.

Your home is where you should feel the most comfortable and safe. But what you might not be considering is the quality of your indoor air. Indoor air pollution is a concern we should all be aware of. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to improve it—and there are free, natural ways to do so. RJ Heating and Air Conditioning explains what they are below. Call our Carrier® experts for more information on these systems: 414-463-1140.

How Does Indoor Air Become Polluted?

The first step in cleaning up indoor air pollution is to understand how it happens in the first place. Dirt and allergens get inside your home by entering through windows, attaching to your clothing, and riding the bottoms of your shoes. They can even be emitted by various everyday cleaning and toiletry products. Of course, pets can also contribute by shedding their fur and dander. While you can’t eliminate these pollutants completely, you can minimize them—more on that below.

Natural Ways to Fight Indoor Air Pollution

Cleaning up indoor air pollution isn’t difficult—it just takes a few extra steps. Here are some simple and natural ways to start improving your indoor air quality immediately:

1. Increase ventilation

Open windows when weather permits so that contaminants can be filtered out by the breeze.

2. Change your air filters

Replace your HVAC system’s air filter every one to three months for maximum air freshness. A clogged and dirty filter will trap pollution—but when it gets clogged, it can block airflow and cause problems for your furnace or A/C.

3. Bathe your pets

Regularly groom and bathe pets if you have them. This will decrease the amount of fur and dander floating through the air and boost your air quality (making it more pleasant for allergy sufferers, too).

4. Increase vacuum frequency

Vacuum more often to suck up excess dust and dirt that find its way into your home.

5. Maintain proper humidity levels

Check your home’s moisture levels and install a dehumidifier if necessary. Eliminating excess humidity means reduced mold and mildew growth throughout the house.

6. Use natural cleaning and toiletry products

When possible, choose products made with natural ingredients to limit the amount of chemicals being distributed into your air.

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Today With RJ Heating

If you try our natural indoor air pollution tips above but find you need more help, RJ Heating’s air cleaners and exchangers may be the next step for you. Find out what benefits these systems can bring, then contact us to find the right one for your home. When you’re ready to learn more, either contact us online or call 414-463-1140.