Happy homeowning couple sit on couch and discover HVAC troubleshooting tips.

At RJ Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re proud to offer exceptional HVAC service in Southeastern Wisconsin. We also want to empower our customers by helping them better understand their system. That’s why we’re sharing six HVAC troubleshooting tips to save you potential headaches and keep you comfortable. Find them below, then call us at 414-463-1140 if you have questions.

Use These HVAC Tips for Success

  1. Test the batteries in your thermostat. This can help you avoid issues with your heating and cooling systems not working up to your standards.
  2. System not working? Head to your fuse box and check for a tripped breaker. Reset it if necessary.
  3. Change your air filter once every one to three months. Doing so not only helps reduce indoor pollution but can also help ensure your heating and cooling systems can efficiently circulate air.
  4. Make sure your air registers are open. It might make sense to close vents in rooms you don’t often use, but that can actually add more stress to your HVAC units. They’ll simply work harder to push air past the blockage.
  5. If you’re unsure whether your systems are on, check that your thermostat is in the right setting. Then, test it out by setting the temperature a few degrees warmer or colder (depending on the season) to see if the system kicks on.
  6. Double-check that your furnace door is closed. Your system may not work if everything isn’t tightly sealed.

If These HVAC Troubleshooting Tips Don’t Work, Call Our Experts

RJ Heating has been servicing Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties for 45 years. There’s not much we haven’t seen, and when it comes to efficiently troubleshooting your Carrier® system, experience makes all the difference.

Send us a message online or give us a call at 414-463-1140 today. And remember, you’ll always get priority service through our Comfort First Membership program.