Young female homeowner sits on couch with glass of water after using air conditioning tips.

There’s nothing better than walking into a cool air-conditioned space after a long day in the heat. To make sure your home stays nice and cool—and to help you save on energy— this summer, RJ Heating and Air Conditioning has put together a list of handy air conditioning tips. Read our best summer A/C tips below, then call our Carrier® experts for help with anything we’ve mentioned—or any other questions you have about your HVAC systems at 414-463-1140.

Use These Air Conditioning Tips for a Cooler Summer

1. Schedule Maintenance Now

We can’t stress it enough—the best way to keep your air conditioning running perfectly is annual maintenance. It’s best to schedule it early in the season, so you aren’t stuck with a problem come the hottest days in August. RJ Heating’s thorough check includes a cleaning and tune-up to ensure maximum system efficiency.

2. Switch Out Your Air Filter

A change of season is the perfect time to replace your air filter. Making sure it stays clean is a simple way to maximize cool airflow throughout your home during the hottest days of summer.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat

For the perfect balance between efficiency and comfort, set your home thermostat to around 78º F.

4. Turn On Extra Fans

If you have ceiling or other types of fans, run them along with your air conditioner. It’s an excellent way to disburse the chilly air for even greater comfort. Just make sure to turn fans off when you leave the room to save on energy.

5. Keep Windows and Doors Closed When A/C Is On

It’s simple, but keeping your doors and windows closed is an easy, energy-saving habit to keep the cool air where it belongs—inside.

6. Consider Air Conditioner Replacement

Every system in your home needs to be replaced eventually, including your air conditioner. If your system is approaching 10-15 years old and needs frequent repairs, it’s time. While we understand this is a large upfront investment, your new, extra-efficient air conditioner will result in lower energy bills for you in the future.

Stay Cool This Summer With RJ Heating

With a full range of air conditioner maintenance, repair, and installation services, RJ Heating provides everything you need for your most comfortable summer yet. Call us for more air conditioning tips or to schedule your service at 414-463-1140.