Mother and daughter snuggle up in blanket and enjoy health benefits of a humidifier.

While your furnace runs nonstop to heat your home, it isn’t designed to help solve problems with dry air. So how can you keep your house perfectly comfortable this winter? Add a humidifier. RJ Heating and Air Conditioning’s pros are sharing five health benefits of a humidifier below. Read them over, then call us at 414-463-1140 for air quality help.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

Cold air naturally sucks moisture out of the environment, drying out your home and causing many health and comfort problems. A humidifier simply releases moisture right back into the air and lets you customize how humid you want your home (the Environmental Protection Agency recommends your moisture levels fall between 30 and 50 percent).

Top Humidifier Health Benefits

1. Better Skin

Tired of constantly dry and itchy hands in the winter? The moisture a humidifier adds helps soothe that itch—and may even help you forget about it.

2. Fewer Nasal Issues

Balanced moisture levels also help humidify the mucous membranes and blood vessels inside your nose. That actually results in three humidifier benefits for the price of one: it helps clear up congestion, runny noses, and nose bleeds.

3. More Vibrant Plants

Like you, houseplants thrive when humidity is just right. In fact, if your indoor air is too dry and cold, your plants won’t even be able to survive. A humidifier, especially one set to the higher end of that 30 – 50 percent range, will bring out the best in your greenery.

4. Healthier House

It’s not just your hands that crack under dry air—it’s also your home’s wooden furnishings. Wooden floors can shrink and separate, doors can crack, and furniture can even be more susceptible to breaking. Humidifiers help avoid any structural damage and can keep your house looking great.

5. Energy Savings

This one is more of a mental health benefit than a physical one. The added moisture from a humidifier helps you feel warmer, which means fewer trips to turn up the heat in the middle of winter. Those energy savings show up in your utility bill over time—as well as in your wallet.

Trust RJ Heating to Help You Find the Best Humidifier for You

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