Tech shows female homeowner different Wi-Fi thermostat advantages while setting up device.

If you’re someone who likes to stay in control of your home’s temperature at all times, then a Wi-Fi thermostat is perfect for you. Remote control is just one of many Wi-Fi thermostat advantages, which the Carrier® experts at RJ Heating and Air Conditioning are here to break down. Discover how these devices benefit you below, then call us for installation.

What Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Do?

Like a regular thermostat, it’s a digital device that can report the temperature of your home. However, this version connects to an app that can be downloaded on a device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. It then enables you to check and adjust the temperature in your home with the press of a button. And best of all: It allows for remote control, meaning you can adjust settings whether you’re on the couch or on vacation.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Advantages You’ll Love

Energy Savings

With the ability to constantly monitor and adjust your home’s temperature, you can save on unnecessary heating and cooling costs. Let’s say you plan on leaving home for a quick errand in winter. While you’re out, you decide to make a few more stops and be away from home longer. At your first stop, you can take out your smartphone and, with a Wi-Fi thermostat, lower your home’s temperature while you’re away to conserve energy. Saving on your utility bill can be as easy as that.

Zone Control

If your home is set up to allow independent temperature zones, you will be able to control each one individually from your device, no matter if you’re at home or on the road.

Improved Comfort

Returning from a long trip and want to make sure your home temperature is just right when you walk in? There’s no need to worry when you have a Wi-Fi thermostat installed. You can turn on your heat or air conditioner before you get home.

Energy Tracking

You can review your usage at any time instead of waiting for your monthly bill. These devices also let you check your unit’s performance in real time and make changes if necessary.

Ready to Install a Wi-Fi Thermostat in Your Home?

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