Male homeowner greets service tech for furnace repair in Milwaukee.

For furnace repair in Milwaukee and Ozaukee County, homeowners know to trust RJ Heating and Air Conditioning. But how do you know if your system needs professional help? We’re sharing three signs that your furnace needs attention—read them over, then call us at 414-463-1140 for service.

1. Is Your Furnace Making Unusual Sounds?

It’s normal for your furnace to make small clicking or humming noises when it first turns on. However, if those sounds happen constantly as the system runs, it could be cause for concern.

The noises also usually dictate how severe any problem with your furnace might be. For example, wheezing might be as straightforward as a clogged air filter. Likewise, crackling sounds from the ducts usually mean they are expanding and contracting—which is completely normal.

But screeching, scraping, or squealing sounds could indicate that something is wrong with a belt, blower wheel, or motor. If you hear these noises or still have questions, call our Milwaukee furnace repair professionals to take a look.

2. Does Your Furnace Smell Bad?

Strange odors may also be a sign your furnace needs repair. Metallic smells can often mean an internal component is overheating, possibly from dust and debris that has collected.

Never ignore the smell of sulfur, which is a lot like rotten eggs—that could indicate that your system is leaking gas. If that’s the case, shut off the system immediately and call RJ Heating for help. That same thing is true for smoky smells.

3. Is Your Furnace Just Not Heating Enough?

The good news is that you can do some troubleshooting yourself. Start by checking your air filter, which, if clogged, can restrict airflow through your system.

Next, make sure all vents around your house are open and not blocked in any way. Many Milwaukee homeowners will close vents in low-traffic areas to try and save money, but actually, that puts unnecessary stress on your system and can potentially cause it to break down.

Leaks in your ductwork will also let warm air escape before reaching its destination (while also putting added stress on your furnace to compensate). Check your thermostat as well to make sure it isn’t turned to the wrong settings or temperature.

Age and maintenance also factor into a furnace that isn’t working. Dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants build up over time, and if they’re not routinely inspected, they will cause damage or eventual system failure. This is where our furnace maintenance service can come in handy—we’ll clean your system from top to bottom, fix issues before they worsen, and even help improve your energy efficiency.

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