Tech in blue shirt examines a furnace after the heat goes out.

Wisconsin winters are cold, but they can be nice, too—as long as your heat is working. When it’s not? That’s when you need RJ Heating and Air Conditioning and our decades of expertise. Our pros share their top 10 tips to help you stay warm when your heat goes out below.

Our No-Heat Checklist

  1. Call RJ Heating immediately: 414-463-1140. We’ll be out as quickly as possible to diagnose and repair furnace issues of all kinds. We’ll have your heat back on as soon as we can.
  2. Seal in the heat by putting towels or blankets at the bottom of any door exposed to the outside air.
  3. Bake something in the oven, and when you’re done, turn off the appliance and keep the door open. The residual heat can help warm you up.
  4. Use space heaters—but be sure to keep them on the floor and three feet away from anything for fire safety. Do not use gas-powered stoves, ovens, or your car to keep warm long-term—all are potentially dangerous sources of carbon monoxide.
  5. Bundle up in extra layers and blankets to conserve your natural body heat.
  6. Move around to get your blood flowing. Cleaning, dancing, exercising, games, and chores are all simple (and cheap) ways to feel warmer.
  7. Shut the doors of unused rooms and try to keep your activities in a confined area.
  8. If it’s daytime, keep your drapes and curtains open to let the sunshine naturally heat your home.
  9. Start the fireplace if you have one—it’s an easy and convenient source of both heat and comfort.
  10. Once the heat is restored, schedule routine maintenance with RJ Heating or sign up for our Comfort First membership. By doing so, you can help prevent breakdowns in the first place, as our experts will make sure your system is in top shape and fix any underlying issues before they cause major problems.

For the Best Service, Trust RJ Heating

The Carrier® experts at RJ Heating will work as hard as possible to keep you comfortable, whether your system stops working during the day or in the middle of the night. All you need to do is call us at 414-463-1140 or contact us online.