The Family Ties Behind RJ Heating and Air Conditioning

At RJ Heating and Air Conditioning, our HVAC business is a family affair—we are three generations strong under the leadership of Julius Hopfensperger. It started with Julius’ grandfather, who owned his own HVAC business in Marinette. By the age of 10, Julius’ father, Jules, was helping out with service and installation whenever he wasn’t in school.

Jules had experience taking care of families’ home comfort needs and wanted to bring that same level of outstanding service with him when he moved to the Milwaukee area. In 1976, RJ Heating opened as a family business, and it continues to grow today.

Julius got involved in the business at the age of 15 as a summer job. He saw the way his father interacted with and enjoyed taking such great care of their customers, and wanted to be a part of it. In college, Julius earned a mathematics degree, but returned every summer to work full 40-hour weeks at RJ Heating. Jules recognized the excitement in his son and knew that this was where Julius belonged.

Julius has been at the company full-time since. He mastered the trade and learned how to keep RJ Heating customers happy from his late father. Today, Julius upholds the same high level of customer service that Jules instilled in him, and it keeps customers coming back. You won’t find innovative comfort solutions like ours anywhere else because we tailor our services to meet your needs.

It’s True—Our HVAC Service Is Award Winning

Top Milwaukee HVAC ProfessionalsThere’s a reason we were named one of the best HVAC professionals in Milwaukee in 2021 and 2024*. It’s because our professional HVAC service is about more than family values—it’s also affordable, reliable, and always hitting the mark. From residential to light commercial, we offer a full range of heating and air conditioning services. Call us for installation, maintenance, and repair of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, indoor air quality (IAQ) products, and more. Our loyal customers will tell you that RJ Heating truly puts your needs first—and we work within your budget. Learn more about how you can be more comfortable and save with our Comfort First Membership. When you choose to work with RJ Heating, you’re family.

*By, an independent proprietary research firm that identifies top service professionals in over 200 industries, including HVAC services, in top cities in the United States.